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Surgery Education and Training Useful Links

Brigham and Women’s Hospital Department of Surgery Research Mentors

Access to this website is available via the Brigham intranet and requires users to complete a strict nondisclosure agreement via email. If this is your first time attempting to access the site, please click on the "request access" link and copy and paste the below nondisclosure agreement text (being sure to place your name in the indicated location and to review the agreement terms completely). Please contact the senior grant administrator Meaghan Kelliher with any questions at The site has many helpful resources to guide you through the grant application process, including many successful NIH grant applications submitted by Department of Surgery investigators. Once you have been granted access, click on the "Successful Grant Applications" tab to review mentors and ongoing projects.

Nondisclosure Agreement

I, (your name here), acknowledge and agree with the following statement:

I understand and acknowledge that these grant applications have been made available to me, so that I may identify a research mentor and better understand the nature of successful grant writing. These applications will be used solely to better my understanding and will not be used for any other purpose. I will limit any printing to one copy, made for my own personal use in accordance with this paragraph. In addition, I will not further distribute or make these applications available to any other individual, including but not limited to other individuals affiliated with Brigham and Women's Hospital.

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