Kidney Transplant Patient Support and Education

A kidney transplant is a major surgical procedure with a lifetime of medical considerations. Our staff is here to help you understand how a kidney transplant will impact your health and lifestyle. When you are evaluated for transplant, you will meet with a number of specialists who will provide you with information and answer your questions. In addition, we also offer the educational resources below.

Workshop: Finding a Living Donor

Need advice and ideas on how to find a living kidney donor? Our BWH Living Donor Center nurses and social workers will provide tips and best practices to help make sure that you get the right message out to your network of potential donors. Bring your draft announcements, emails, Facebook posts, etc. and get real-time suggestions from our team of experts.

Join us on the second Wednesday of every month 10:00am – 11:00am in the Transplant Surgery Office at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  Walk-ins welcome!

Please call us at 617-732-6866 with questions or for directions. 

Instructor-led Programs

These programs are 45-55 minute sessions led by our transplant social workers. They are offered monthly at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and allow you to meet and speak with other kidney transplant patients. Each session will feature a different topic, with ample time for questions and answers.

Upcoming Sessions

Renal Transplant Support Groups are held on the third Thursday of the Month from 2 to 3 pm in Carrie Hall, Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Click here for live webcast 

10/18/18 What It Means to be a Match with your Donor - Melissa Yeung, MD

11/15/15 Financial and Insurance Considerations in Transplant - Valerie Moals-Phillips

12/20/18 No Group or Webcast

01/17/19 Post-Transplant Experience: Recovery & Transition to Outpatient - Teresa Gilvin, RN

02/21/19 Next Steps: Finding a Living Donor - Ashely Abreu, LICSW & Annette Pimenta, LICSW

03/21/19 Innovations in the Field of Transplant - Jamil Azzi, MD

04/18/19 Recipe for Success - Alex D., Transplant Recipient & Chef

05/16/19 A Discussion with Donor Nephrologist Marina McGrath, MD

06/20/19 The Caregiver's Experience

07/18/19 Life After Transplant

08/18/19 No Group or Webcast

09/19/19 Understanding Risks and Benefits of Increased Risk Donors - Karen Bassette, RN

10/17/19 Mental Health and Transplant - David Wolfe, MD, Transplant Psychiatrist 

11/21/19 Transplant Medications - Steven Gabardi, Pharm D, Transplant Pharmacist

12/19/19 No Group or Webcast

Previously Recorded Sessions

Many sessions are also recorded and available for viewing. Please see past sessions below.

Educational Videos

Below are brief, focused videos written and delivered by our specialized kidney transplant team. These videos can be viewed separately or in a series to supplement your knowledge of kidney transplant. You are welcome to share these videos with your friends and family who have questions about kidney transplant. For a full list of all BWH Kidney Transplant educational videos, please click HERE.

Meet our Team

Medications Used After Kidney Transplant - Dr. Steven Gabardi, PharmD 

BWH Kidney Transplant Evaluation Overview – Michelle Scala, RN 


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