IT Systems and Resources

Like any large organization, BWH uses a number of technology systems and processes to get things done, including managing human resources functions, signing up for trainings, and enabling enhanced electronic communications. Chief among these systems are:

PeopleSoft Human Resources Information System

You will use PeopleSoft to access your compensation and benefits information, among other things. For information about PeopleSoft, click on this PeopleSoft Toolbox link.

You can access PeopleSoft from home as well as from your work station, if you sign up for Virtual Private Network (VPN) access (described below). To access PeopleSoft from home, simply type the following address into your internet browser and sign in like you would if you were sitting at your desk. The address is

The IT Help Desk (617-732-5927) is available to help with any PeopleSoft issues. Make sure you have your user name (nt logon) and your device number (found on a label on the front of your computer with the BWH logo on it). Once you call the Help Desk, if they cannot fix your issue, they will route your ticket (work order) to the correct support team who will be in contact with you to resolve your problem.

UKG Time Reporting System

If you are a non-exempt employee who is paid hourly, or if you are an exempt employee working per diem, then your time will be recorded through this system. Read more about UKG Dimensions here. Your department has designated a staff member as the “timekeeper” to keep track of payroll, and that timekeeper is the person to go to with any payroll questions. If the timekeeper is unable to answer your question, you may contact your HR Business Partner, or the Payroll team at

HealthStream Education Technology

Numerous trainings are available, and you may find them and register for them through HealthStream, the Enterprise LMS (learning management system), available through the MGB Applications menu.


VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is used to access BWH’s systems from home. In order to get access this way, you must be approved by your manager and a form must be submitted to the VPN group. The form is located here (please note: this link is an intranet link and cannot be opened unless signed into an MGB computer). For any questions regarding VPN, call the Help Desk at 617-732-5927.

IT HelpDesk

The IT HelpDesk is your primary resource for answering IT-related questions and resolving issues. Help is available both online and by phone at (617) 732-5927.