BWH Organizational Effectiveness

Who We Are

Organizational Effectiveness (OE) is part of the Human Resources Department, reporting directly to the Vice President of HR. This team is comprised of professionals with over 20 years of experience with recommending solutions for the development of high performance departments, teams, and individuals.

Learning Experiences that We Offer

  • Classroom Training and Workshops: Programming ranging from New Employee Orientation (NEO) to interpersonal and skill enhancement trainings and workshops.
  • Meeting Facilitation: If you are planning a meeting that requires each team member’s full attention, meeting facilitation services can be arranged.
  • Team Building and Team Retreats: We offer a variety of customized team retreat activities or full retreat facilitation depending on your needs and goals.
  • Consultations for team development and enrichment.
  • 360° Feedback and Debriefs for Leaders: This tool offers confidential feedback for experienced leaders.
  • Leadership Development and Coaching: for leaders who are striving to enhance their skills and reach specific goals.
  • Career Coaching: for employees who are seeking to build their careers and skill sets.
  • Traditional Mentoring Programs and Peer Mentoring Circles
  • Referrals: If we can't help you, we probably know people who can!

*Additional Learning Resources

Our Mission

We support Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s goals for organizational effectiveness and cultural competence by providing timely, innovative learning programs, leadership coaching, and consulting services.

Our Vision

OE is a catalyst for positive change in the way BWH learns, grows and serves its communities.