Organizational Effectiveness Services

Our team offers many learning experiences for departments and teams in addition to classroom training.

Learning experiences that we offer include:

  • Classroom Training and Workshops: Programming ranging from New Employee Orientation (NEO) to interpersonal and skill enhancement trainings and workshops.
  • Meeting Facilitation: If you are planning a meeting that requires each team member’s full attention, meeting facilitation services can be arranged.
  • Team Building and Team Retreats: We offer a variety of customized team retreat activities or full retreat facilitation depending on your needs and goals.
  • Consultations for team development and enrichment.
  • 360◦ Feedback and Debriefs for Leaders: This tool offers confidential feedback for experienced leaders.
  • Leadership Development and Coaching: for leaders who are striving to enhance their skills and reach specific goals.
  • Career Coaching: for employees who are seeking to build their careers and skill sets.
  • Traditional Mentoring Programs and Peer Mentoring Circles
  • Referrals: If we can’t help you, we probably know people who can!