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Getting Started as a General Volunteer

1. Sign up for a New Volunteer Orientation (NVO) by sending an email to requesting desired orientation date (see NVO schedule). Space is limited and registrations are taken on a first come, first served basis. Email should include the following:

  • NVO in subject line
  • Your name
  • Contact information (daytime phone number and email address)
  • Preferred orientation date
  • Brief description of volunteer interests

You will receive a confirmation email from the Program & Training Coordinator that will include a link to the Volunteer Application, additional paperwork that will need to be collected, and directions to the conference room where the orientation will be held.

2. Gather/complete the following items:

  • Volunteer Application (link sent in confirmation email from Program & Training Coordinator)
  • Government issued picture ID (Acceptable forms of identification can be found at the end of an I-9 form, which you can view on the USCIS website.
  • Visa information, if applicable
  • Immunization records (Volunteer Medical Screening Form may be completed by your physician; please view both pages of the form for further instruction)
  • Recent TB-test, plant and result (received within the last 90 days), and flu shot (if during flu season)

3. Attend scheduled NVO date

  • Please contact Program & Training Coordinator if you can no longer attend your scheduled NVO date
  • At the end of the NVO, you will sign up for a 1:1 interview time-slot with the Program & Training Coordinator

4. Attend scheduled Interview with Program & Training Coordinator

  • Volunteers placements are based on the needs of the hospital, and the prospective volunteers availability. Individuals may come to the interview prepared with departments of interest, but there may not be a placement available in that department. Specific department requests are not likely to occur.
  • At the end of the interview, the prospective volunteer will be scheduled for an appointment with Occupational Health Services to be cleared medically to volunteer at BWH.

5. Attend scheduled appointment at Occupational Health Services & receive full medical clearance from OHS.

  • OHS appointment form must be obtained by Program and Training Coordinator to bring to OHS

6. Receive BWH ID badge, volunteer jacket ($21 cash only deposit), and PIN number to sign in/out for shifts from OSSVS

7. Begin volunteering!

Note: If the volunteer is a minor (age 16-17) s/he will need to bring the following additional forms to NVO: