Emergency Medicine Critical Care Research Fellowship

Research Fellowship Training Goals

  • Understand good clinical practices (GCP) as they related to emergency medicine and critical care and human subject research and be able to implement GCP into all aspects of a study design.
  • Understand and learn the legal and ethical foundations of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) process; acquire the practical experience in order to establish quality IRB protocol applications; understand the process and importance of developing a concise hypothesis, research strategy, data management, quality control and organizational/timetable.
  • Learn how to screen, recruit and enroll study subjects per IRB study protocol and GCP.
  • Learn how to draft, submit and revise clinical research abstracts and manuscripts for publication.
  • Understand all aspects of study design in human subject research (patient oriented), from time frame to epidemiologic design: observational studies, cohort studies-retrospective and prospective and randomized clinical trials.
  • Acquire and assimilate an understanding of clinical research and its integration into routine health care practices as exemplified through the emergency department and intensive care unit paradigm.

Research Fellows

Sen-Kuang Hou, MD
Taipei Medical University Hospital, Taiwan

Yu-Ning Shih, MD
Taipei City Hospital, Hoping Branch, Taiwan

Chun-Chieh “David” Chao, MD
Taipei Medical University Hospital, Taiwan

Wei Shao, MD
Tianjin Nankai Hospital, China

Liga Yusvirazi, MD
St. Joseph Hospital, Bangor, Maine


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