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Nursing and Travel Nurse Orientation

The Nursing Orientation Program provides the newly hired nurses an introduction to BWH clinical resources, patient care technology and policies that supports nursing practice at BWH.  Two distinct tracts are offered to new hires: 

  1. The Nora McDonough Newly Licensed Nurse Residency Program (NRP) includes a 12 month precepted clinical orientation experience  in addition to weekly coaching, performance review, monthly seminars, participation in an evidenced-based project and opportunity for peer support and socialization throughout the year as the new licensed nurse transitions into their first professional role.

  2. Newly hired experienced nurses participate in a precepted clinical orientation that meets their individualized needs.  Orientation includes  hybrid learning such as classroom and computer based education  as well as opportunity for hands on experience with common clinical equipment.   

Professional development for nurses at all levels of practice includes classroom instruction, clinical work, e-learning strategies, and simulation technology.   BWH Nurses have multiple opportunities to attend workshops and programs that are developed for and by BWH Nurses.  Nursing Grand Rounds is a weekly forum that provides nursing staff and leadership the opportunity to develop professional presentation skills while sharing current unit initiatives.  Academic and professional advancement is supported through the partnering of BWH with local colleges that offer onsite courses at BWH, leading to advanced degrees in nursing.

The Nora McDonough Newly Licensed Nurse Residency Program

Brigham and Women’s Hospital is dedicated to providing comprehensive support for our newly licensed nurses as they begin their careers and advance their practice.

The Nora McDonough Newly Licensed Nurse Residency Program, in partnership with the nationally recognized Vizient/AACN Nurse Residency Program™, provides nurses with mentorship and guidance from preceptors as they develop their skills, participate in seminars and gain clinical experience.

Our program provides the following:

  • Guidance from dedicated, trained preceptors
  • Structured 4-hour monthly educational seminars designed to develop clinical reasoning and competence in practice
  • Membership in a supportive cohort of newly licensed nurses that allows for professional growth in a safe, protected environment
  • The opportunity to gain experience in a clinical practice in an environment committed to learning

Our goals for participants include:

  • Further developing effective decision-making skills related to clinical judgment and performance
  • Providing clinical nursing leadership at the point of care
  • Incorporating research-based evidence linked to practice outcomes, including an evidence-based practice project

The year-long program follows Benner’s work, “From Novice to Expert,” with a focus on enhancing participants’ knowledge, leadership skills and ability to analyze and use evidence and application of outcomes data to improve patient outcomes.


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