PCA Competency

The goal of this offering is to assess ongoing competency for Patient Care Assistant practice at BWH.  The Competency plan is developed and evaluated on an on-going basis by an intra disciplinary team that incorporates high risk problem-prone patient care procedures and scope of practice.  Competency will be evaluated as needed and every other year to meet the needs of the organization.       

All Classes are held at One Brigham Circle on the 4th floor. Please register through Healthstream by searching for the course name or date.

January 11 (3p-7p)
January 11 (7p-11p
January 28 (11a-3p)
January 28 (3p-7p)
February 8 (3p-7p)
February 8 (7p-11p)
February 28 (3p-7p)
February 28 (7p-11p)
March 25 (7a-11a)
March 25 (11a-3p)
April 6  (11a-3p)
April 6  (3p-7p)
April 16 (7a-11a)
April 16  (11a-3p)
April 27  (11a-3p)
April 27  (3p-7p)
May 2  (3p-7p)
May 2 (7p-11p)
June 3  (7a-11a)
June 3 (11a-3p)
June 21  (3p-7p)
June 21 (7p-11p)
Sept 3 (3p-7p)
Sept 3 (7p-11p)


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