Center for Nursing Excellence: Preceptor Program

The preceptor program is based on  well established adult learning principles, focusing on self-directed learning, prior knowledge/experience and relevance to nursing practice.  Teaching methodologies include discussion, small group work, role play, narrative and video reviews.   

Preceptors have rich, valuable experiences which are leveraged throughout the day to support meaningful discussions & learning.  The content for the day is guided by concepts of Benner, Tanner, Del Bueno, Yong & Myrick.  Topics include differentiated practice, effective partnerships (i.e. learning styles, generational differences, diversity, establishing realistic goals for practice development); providing effective feedback; teaching critical thinking & clinical judgment; role of work flow in relationship to patient care and evaluating readiness for independent practice.

Course is held at One Brigham Circle on the 4th floor.  Please register through Healthstream searching by course name or course date.

Preceptor Program Course Dates


  • October 2
  • December 4


  • March 18
  • May 20
  • July 22


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