Behavioral Health Department

As part of the patient centered medical home, our behavioral health department is integrated in the medical care at SJPHC. Our counselors are an integral part of the team based care SJPHC provides. We meet with all the patients who request our services and collaborate with them in setting goals and planning strategies to achieve them.

Behavioral Health services offer:

  • group, individual, family, adult and child psychotherapy as well as adjunctive psychopharmacology;
  • a variety of approaches to treatment, including psychodynamic, affect management, somatic, cognitive behavioral, mindfulness/stress reduction, support, internal family systems (IFS), ego states, psycho-education, motivational interventions, EMDR, sensorimotor, trauma stabilization, as well as prevention and education;
  • facilitation to link our patients with wellness programs and classes at HPC, community programs and settings, and other resources.
Tyler Haaren, LICSW, Coordinator of Family Team

Tyler Haaren, LICSW

Director of Behavioral Health

Dennie Butler-Mackay, LICSW, Clinical Social Worker

Dennie Butler-Mackay, LICSW

Co-director of Racial Justice and Equality Initiatives

Leah Diskin, PsyD, Staff Psychologist

Leah Diskin, PsyD

Coordinator of the Family Team

View online profile Leah Diskin, PsyD, Staff Psychologist, online profile
Tracy Guzman, LCSW

Tracy Guzman, LCSW

Coordinator of the Adult Behavioral Health Team

Judith Reyes, Administrative Assistant

Judith Reyes

Administrative Assistant

Dulce Stengel, Practice Assistant

Dulce Stengel

Practice Assistant

Current groups and classes (all groups on Zoom until further notice)

Mujeres con Fuerza

This group benefits women who are isolated and/or have the dysregulated affect that stems from depression, anxiety, and trauma histories. It provides psycho-education on affect state and management. Women will gain coping strategies and learn correlations between feeling states and external triggers. The group fosters a culture of wellness. All is done in a format which promotes motivation, hope and inspiration. Mondays: 11am-12:30pm *All referrals / clinical message to Dennie or call (617) 983-4219.

Este grupo ofrece educación sobre la depresión y estrategias para adaptarse a las dificultades de la vida. Usted aprenderá como lidiar con sus emociones y pensamientos negativos. Nuestro ambiente promueve la motivación, la esperanza y la inspiración. Lunes 11am. Dennie Butler-Mackay, LICSW y Tracy Guzman Morales, LICSW. Llame al (617) 983-4219.

Señoras Unidas

This mutual aid group where members support each other spiritually and emotionally through shared projects, healthy food, conversation and playfulness! Wednesdays 11am. Please call Tyler Haaren, LICSW at 617-983-4236 for screening to enroll in this open group.

Unase al grupo "Señoras Unidas" para compartir historias, conversación, comida, y apoyarnos mutuamente. Miercoles 11am. Para mas información comuníquese con Tyler Haaren, LICSW. Llame al (617)983-4236 o Tracy Guzman Morales, LICSW al 617-983-4222.

Grupo de hombres

Geared towards Spanish-speaking men who might feel isolated, angry, frustrated, depressed, or anxious; have sleep problems; and/or may be abusing alcohol and other drugs. This group offers men strategies to better manage and cope with socioeconomic difficulties and family problems, reduce isolation, foster mutual support from others with similar life experience, enhance problem-solving and decision-making skills in their lives outside of the group. Thursdays 1-2:30pm *All referrals/clinical message to Joya Lonsdale, LICSW, open referrals or call at 617-983-4219.

Este grupo ofrece a señores latinos, un espacio estructurado para identificar y aprender cómo lidiar con experiencias de ansiedad, depresión, enojo, problemas familiares o de relaciones. El entorno de apoyo mutuo nos ayuda a conectarnos con otros participantes y compartir. Jueves 1pm. Joya Lonsdale, LICSW. Llame al (617) 983-4219.

Grupo de reducción del estrés

This group offers an opportunity to learn and practice techniques to improve mood, decrease anxiety and depression, develop agency and personal power, regulate affect and self-esteem. Members are taught behavioral strategies (breathing exercises, stretches, meditation and mindfulness skills); cognitive strategies (reframing, identification of patterns of negative thinking, development of new positive thinking, problem solving); and communication and social skills (identification and expression of feelings, giving feedback to other). Wednesdays at 10am *All referrals/clinical message to Joya Lonsdale, LICSW; referral to BH, specifying referral to this group; or call 617-983-4250.

Los participantes aprenden y practican técnicas de relajación, respiración y yoga para mejorar el ánimo, calmarse, y lidiar con los problemas de la vida. Miercoles 11am. Joya Lonsdale, LICSW, RYT500. Llame al (617) 983-4250.

English Speaking Women’s Stress Reduction Group

Join this women’s therapy group for a safe place to learn and practice to manage emotions, anxiety or depression through mindfulness strategies and with the support of other women. Tuesdays 2-3pm. Tyler Haaren, LICSW. Call: (617) 983-4236.

Mind Body & Yoga Center

We offer bilingual yoga, meditation and Zumba classes. Contact the Mind Body Center for more information/ Llámenos para más información: (617) 983-4226.

View classes offered currently via the Health Promotion Center studio schedule.

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Behavioral Health Department Telephone: 617-983-4219

Fax:  617-983-4246

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