Primary Care Residency Program Continuity Clinics

Our primary care residents are clustered at several core clinics that range from our traditional, on-site faculty-resident teaching practice, to community health centers and to newly-built, patient-centered medical homes. Occasionally, a special site is used for residents with a particular area of interest. For example, one of our current DGM juniors has a strong interest in primary care for patients with mental illness and her primary care clinic is located at the Mass Mental Health Primary Care Clinic.

Brigham and Women's Advanced Primary Care Associates, South Huntington
This site is an innovative adult primary care practice located one mile from the Brigham in Jamaica Plain. There are four practice teams, with each team comprised of two physicians, a physician’s assistant, an LPN, a clinical social worker, and two medical assistants. All teams share a multidisciplinary staff consisting of a clinical pharmacist, a nutritionist, one RN care manager, a population health manager, and administrative assistants.

Fish Center for Women’s Health
The Fish Center is a busy group practice serving predominantly female patients. Attendings and residents also see a small number of male patients. Preceptors are experienced members of the Division of General Medicine and the Division of Women’s Health. The practice also includes gynecologists, making consultation (both formal and informal) very convenient. Specialists in dermatology, rheumatology, psychiatry, cardiology and gastroenterology are also available on site. This site is ideal for those residents with an interest in women’s health. The Fish Center is a ten-minute drive from the BWH. A shuttle from the BWH is also available.

Phyllis Jen Center for Primary Care
This practice (formerly known as Brigham Internal Medicine Associates) is located at Brigham and Women's Hospital. Faculty preceptors are from the Division of General Medicine. The preceptor model is four residents working with one preceptor, who is not seeing his/her own patients. Many patients come from the surrounding community, though some travel from farther away for evaluation of unusual or complex problems. About 25% of the patients in this clinic speak Spanish, with about half of these patients requiring an interpreter or bilingual MD. There is a relatively high indigent population.

Southern Jamaica Plain Community Health Center
Southern Jamaica Plain Community Health Center provides comprehensive, primary care to a diverse patient population. SJPHC has been a strong resource for community health since 1973. In 1998, SJPHC moved into a modern medical facility located in the heart of the Centre Street business district, a ten-minute drive from the Brigham. The health center provides the following services: adult medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology and family planning, nutrition, podiatry, cardiology, dermatology, mental health, substance abuse services, and social services. The health center provides care to 10,000 patients annually, with a total of 45,000 visits. Patients represent a diversity of age, economic background, and race and ethnicity. Fifty percent of the patients are Hispanic; 11% are African-American and 39% are White. Fluency in Spanish is preferred; eighty percent of the SJP staff speak Spanish in order to communicate effectively with patients and families. From the Brigham, you can take the bus, bike or drive; there is on-street free parking a few blocks from the clinic.

Upham’s Corner Community Health Center
Upham's Corner serves an ethnically and linguistically diverse population. Most patients are Latino or Cape Verdean, but the clinic also serves sizeable Haitian and Vietnamese populations. This site provides comprehensive care, including an array of social services. Upham’s Corner has a strong community and patient-centered approach to care, with a dedicated mission to serve the surrounding community. Fluency in Spanish, Portuguese, French or Vietnamese is preferred. On-street parking is available, and the health center is a fifteen-minute drive from the Brigham. The preceptors at Upham’s Corner have a strong interest in academic primary care and have received rave reviews from residents, past and present.


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