Alumni: Dietetic Intern Graduate Quotes

"I felt at the time, and still feel, that the BWH DI program design is excellent. I feel the education I received was superb."

"Internship does a great job teaching you the quality over quantity, Brigham way."

"I had a fantastic experience at BWH as an intern. I feel that the BWH dietetic internship provided me with the clinical foundation and confidence needed to work as a clinical dietitian. I highly recommend this program to any student who is interested in working as a clinical dietitian."

"The learning curve and expectation was high, but, because of it, I am extremely confident that I will be a great dietitian. I have learned more than I ever expected possible and have great confidence in my ability to treat individuals and handle complex medical and social situations in practice."

"I feel that the level of training received in MI, counseling, MNT, and Nutrition Support is exceptional. I am so confident in these skills studying for the exam and in practice while applying for jobs. Thank you for helping me become a great RD!"

"While the internship expectations and evaluations are the same for all interns, the complexity of the specialty areas and patients allows preceptors to adapt to the interns’ current comfort level. I felt consistently, appropriately challenged throughout the 11-months, was exposed to many new areas of dietetics and grew professionally."

"I’m grateful to be a BWH alumna. You prepared us well! Thank you!"

"Overall, I think that the internship prepared me to be an effective clinical dietitian. The preceptors I had the opportunity to work with were exceptional. I loved the weekly education sessions; I walked away with a baseline level of knowledge on a variety of different topics. The opportunities to present also prepared me to speak to members of the medical team and also speak with my peers. I felt challenged and supported throughout the program. I recommend BWH to everyone I speak with who is considering DI programs and I would 100% come back to be a member of the staff!"

"I feel like I got an exceptional education in clinical nutrition at the BWH internship!"

"I feel that the BWH internship set the bar high for what I expect the field of clinical nutrition should be. It taught me to advocate for nutrition in the hospital setting through interdisciplinary communication, give patients high-quality care utilizing motivational interviewing skills, and taught me to use evidence-based guidelines and cite research when making recommendations. I feel fully competent in my current role and appreciate the rigor with which I was taught. Thank you BWH!"

"The BWH Dietetic internship was a wonderful experience and provided countless experiences and skills that I continue to use in my professional career."

"BWH was an amazing internship experience! It definitely prepared me for complicated patients I face in an inpatient setting and it taught me how to be a well-rounded RD."

"The BWH internship did a phenomenal job preparing me not only for my job but for the CNSC exam! I am so grateful to have worked amongst such strong mentors and leaders of the profession of dietetics!"

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