Alumni: Dietetic Intern Graduate Quotes

“The Brigham and Women’s Dietetic Internship provided me with an immense perspective on nutrition, food, wellness and health while working and learning alongside some of the best preceptors and providers in the nutrition field. I have become a better clinician, listener, counselor, and person from my experiences at BWH.”- Kate S., DI 2013

"I valued the time spent in team meetings the most. I thought they were very beneficial in helping me foster my clinical judgment. The team meetings also helped me grow a thicker skin to effectively communicate with other medical professionals in a high-stress environment." – Ashley O., 2012

"The BWH Dietetic Internship provided an extremely strong clinical base and supportive preceptors to develop my skills. I always felt challenged, and the preceptors and directors were supportive and always available to answer questions. I was prepared to start my career as a dietitian by the end, especially due to the independence that was given in a majority of the rotations." – Lauren F. 2013

"During the internship I felt like preceptors were so engaged in helping us learn. It was a great learning environment because if you put in the effort to really understand the topic or your patient’s condition and the nutrition implications, preceptors will put in the effort to make sure you get absolutely every bit of knowledge out of the rotation possible." –Emma L 2013

"My internship experience at BWH was wonderful. One of the aspects I appreciated the most about the internship was the opportunity to work with many of the leaders in the medical and nutrition fields, and to interact with interns at the surrounding Boston hospitals. The BWH internship provided me with not only a strong foundation of knowledge and experience to take with me into my professional career, but also the confidence to practice in many different settings. I would highly recommend the internship to any prospective dietetic interns." –Brittany S. 2013

"The dietetic internship at Brigham and Women's Hospital provided a comprehensive learning experience under the guidance of supportive preceptors. In the hospital environment I learned how to handle many different situations, and work effectively with other health professionals." –Jocelyn B 2013

"Attending the BWH Dietetic Intern program was, I believe, the best way to start a career in dietetics. The program fully prepared me to be a confident entry-level RD working in a major teaching hospital. I feel confident in my assessments of patients, and in providing MNT on a wide variety of topics. I also now have the skills to easily explain complex physiological processes, and the confidence to know where to find answers to things that I don't know. This program cultivated in me a desire to never settle for "not knowing". It's encouraged in me a desire to continually be learning and asking questions. I also believe that interning at BWH established for me a standard of dietetic care that is unique to other institutions. As such, it encourages me to place my standard for dietetic care high and this sets me apart from other entry-level dietitians in my field. Overall, BWH was an outstanding program, and one, I believe, all dietetic students should strive to experience." –Christy B. 2015

"When I look back on my time at Brigham and Women's Hospital, I am amazed by all that I learned and accomplished. I had the opportunity to assess the nutrition needs of patients with complex medical conditions; develop, implement, and evaluate their care plans; provide nutrition counseling and education; provide enteral and parenteral nutrition recommendations; present patients with numerous complications during team meetings and nutrition support rounds; develop nutrition education materials; and teach nutrition classes. Throughout all of this, my preceptors offered guidance and support while simultaneously challenging me and providing me with autonomy so that I could develop into a skilled and confident dietitian. In addition to the remarkable training, what is special about the Brigham dietetic internship is that interns are employees of the hospital and considered important members of the nutrition team. I will be forever grateful for my Brigham and Women's dietetic internship experience, and I look forward to using all that I learned throughout my career." – Jennifer H. 2015

"My dietetic internship at Brigham and Women's Hospital was truly unmatched. Every aspect of the training and varied experiences helped me grow both personally and professionally. Whether it was managing medically complex patients in the ICU, contributing to innovative research, conducting nutrition classes, or consistently challenging myself to thrive in leadership roles, the members of the teaching hospital were always invested in my journey to realize my fullest potential. The BWH Internship set the bar high and provided me with the foundation required to excel in all of my future endeavors. I am eternally grateful for the lessons learned during my time at Brigham and Women's Hospital and cannot recommend the internship highly enough." – Matt S. 2015

"The Brigham and Women's Dietetic Internship is an exceptional program that provides interns with top-notch clinical training, thoroughly preparing them for a career in dietetics. By providing experiences across a wide range of settings and patient populations, the program allowed me to explore the realm of dietetics and acquire a variety of skills. Brigham made me feel very well prepared as an entry-level dietitian due to the solid foundation the internship helped me build. The Director, Associate Director, and the preceptors work above and beyond to maintain a collaborative and supportive teaching environment. I would highly recommend this outstanding program to prospective dietetic interns." – Hannah S. 2015

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