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PICS (Pseudogout Imaging Comparison Study) Principal Investigator: Sara Tedeschi, MD, MPH

Contact: Emma Stevens(, 617-525-8785)

Funding Agency: Brigham Research Institute Cross-Collaborative Musculoskeletal Pilot Award

Study Summary: We are conducting an observational research study to see whether we can identify pseudogout through different types of medical imaging: x-ray, ultrasound, and CT scan without contrast. The study aims to compare how well these three different types of medical imaging can detect pseudogout. Participants will complete the study in one visit.

Subject Criteria: Patients who have had a joint fluid analysis (aspiration) of their knee or wrist from their doctor within the past 12 weeks. Patients who are pregnant or unable to lie still for 40 minutes may not participate.

Visit Summary: One visit lasting about three hours. The visit includes a questionnaire, a joint exam, and three sets of images of both the joint with pseudogout and the right wrist: ultrasound, x-ray, and CT scan without contrast. Women of child-bearing potential will need a urine pregnancy test the day of the visit.

Patient Remuneration: $30 for one study visit plus parking or transportation costs