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Principle Investigator: Daniel H. Solomon, MD, MPH 


                        Candace Feldman, MD, MPH
Contact: Anarosa Campos (acampos4@partners.org; 617-525-9662)

Principle Investigators: Daniel H. Solomon, MD, MPH and Candace Feldman, MD, MPH
Contact: Anarosa Campos (acampos4@partners.org; 617-525-9662)


Funding Agency: Pfizer

Study Summary: This project aims to gain a better understanding of how individuals with rheumatologic conditions take their oral RA or Lupus medications (DMARDs), and offers financial, educational, and social support to patients who participate. A trained navigator will answer questions and assist patients who are having difficulty taking their oral medications as prescribed. Those without questions or difficulties can still participate and provide valuable feedback. The navigator’s specific role will be tailored to each patient’s priorities and needs. Patients will complete baseline and monthly follow-up questionnaires for 6-12 months by phone or email.  Depending on a patient’s needs, more frequent follow-up can be provided.

Patient Criteria: Men or women over 18 years old who started a new Rheumatoid Arthritis or Lupus oral medication in the last 6 months. 

Visit Summary: Baseline and monthly follow-up by phone/e-mail over 6-12 months. Assessment questionnaires administered at baseline, 6 month, and 12 month visits.