Let the doctor come to you with our Virtual Visits

Virtual Visit Setup

Please complete the steps below before your Virtual Visit appointment with your provider.

Step 1

Schedule your Virtual Visit. If you do not have an appointment scheduled at this time, you must request to schedule a Virtual Visit by contacting your provider’s office.

Step 2

Enroll in Partners Patient Gateway.

Please contact Partners Patient Gateway if you have any questions at 1-800-745-9683.

Step 3

Step 4

Download and install the 'Zoom Cloud Meeting' video application, setup and test your device.

Step 5

Log into Patient Gateway. If you plan to use a mobile device or tablet for your Virtual Visit, download the Partners Patient Gateway app and log in. If you plan to use a Windows or Mac computer, please visit patientgateway.org and login.

Step 6

Access your virtual visit appointment on Patient Gateway. Follow these instructions.


How to Access a Virtual Visit On A Computer


How to Access a Virtual Visit on a Mobile Device & Tablet

Zoom Privacy Notice

We are using a special version of Zoom used for healthcare visits that has several security features that are not available with other versions of Zoom.  Each individual appointment creates a new meeting link between provider and patient. There is also a waiting room function providers use to admit people into the Zoom meeting so that no uninvited guests may join.   All the video calls are encrypted, video and chat cannot be recorded, and personal health information is not saved by the video system.  Connecting to the visit through Patient Gateway provides another layer of security.  Patient Gateway Zoom virtual visits are designed to make seeing your provider easy, while keeping you and your health information safe and secure.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about setting up the program or need technical assistance, please contact the Brigham Virtual Care Team via email at BrighamVirtualCare@partners.org or call 617-582-4714.