Let the doctor come to you with our Virtual Visits

Welcome to the Future of Healthcare

At Brigham Health, we aim to give our patients convenient ways to access care. Many of our practices now offer care that comes to you, and not the other way around. All you need is a Smartphone, tablet, or computer with a video camera.

How Virtual Visits Work

Virtual Visits are one-on-one video appointments with your Brigham Health provider. For your initial appointment, you will meet with your provider in their office and discuss the possibility of including Virtual Visits as part of your care plan. At Brigham Health, we know what it takes for patients to come into the clinic. With Virtual Visits, you do not need to take time off from work, travel to the office, or pay for parking.

If you are interested in Virtual Visits, please contact your provider. If you are eligible, your provider will schedule your Virtual Visit and provide setup instructions.

Virtual Visit Setup


Frequently Asked Questions about Virtual Visits

How can I try a Virtual Visit?

If you are interested in having a Virtual Visit, talk to your provider to determine if this type of visit can be incorporated into your care. Once you have scheduled a Virtual Visit, the clinic staff and Brigham Virtual Care team will assist you with your set up.

What are the technology requirements?

You will need reliable internet access and a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

How do I prepare for my first Virtual Visit?

Before you connect with your provider, you will need to follow the steps on the Virtual Visit Setup page.

What is the cost?

If your insurance covers Virtual Visits, you will be responsible for your standard insurance office visit co-pay. If your insurance does not cover Virtual Visits, you will be charged a $25 Brigham Health Virtual Care fee; excludes: Medicaid, Health Safety Net, Medicare patients. Self-pay patients will be responsible for the $25 Brigham Health Virtual Care fee.


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