Acute Postoperative Pain Management

The Acute Postoperative Pain Management Service is actively involved in perioperative analgesia and provides information and pain management assistance to clinicians and patients. Our goal is to make patients as comfortable as possible and support healing and recovery.

We use a variety of modalities, including opioid and non-opioid adjunctive medications, patient-controlled analgesia infusion devices, and regional techniques to modify pain. These services are based on our in-depth understanding of the physiology of acute pain, the pharmacology of analgesics, and the techniques needed to provide perioperative comfort.

Benefits of effective postoperative pain management include earlier mobilization, fewer pulmonary and cardiac complications, reduced risk of deep vein thrombosis and faster recoveries.

The Acute Postoperative Pain Management Service it is led by Darin J. Correll, MD, one of the founders of the Society for Perioperative Assessment and Quality Improvement, a nonprofit international organization of professionals in various disciplines who work together on all facets influencing optimal surgical outcomes.