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Whole Grains

Carbohydrates are essential in your diet. Getting your carbohydrates from whole grains ensures more B-Vitamins, fiber, minerals and essential fats, (and some can double as a source of protein), than processed carbohydrates. For more information on the importance of whole grains verses refined carbohydrates, see Blood Sugar Ups & Downs. Here are some examples of whole grains you can use to alternate in your meals.

  • Wheat - whole grain raisin bread, english muffins, pita bread/chips, tortillas, couscous, pasta, crackers
  • Rice - brown rice, rice cereals
  • Corn - tortillas, whole corn meal/polenta, baked tortilla chips, popcorn
  • Oat groats, steel cut oats, rolled oats
  • Whole rye
  • Hulled barley
  • Triticale
  • Millet
  • Teff


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