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Menu Plans

Menu plans can seem intimidating upon first glance. They offer someone else's idea of a tasty meal, and can make you feel discouraged if you are unable to follow it precisely. Think of these plans as a guide rather than an absolute.

A menu plan designed by someone else is never going to perfectly mirror your food preferences or eating style. However, it can be a very helpful tool for demonstrating an ideal way to eat, giving you a variety of ideas for meals over the course of a week, and doing all of this within a specific caloric limit. Especially when you are trying to lose weight, these menus can be very helpful offering both variety and serving size for a tasty, healthy, calorie-restricted meal plan. So don't be turned off if it doesn't look like something you will follow exactly.

These menus are based on the Mediterranean Food Guide Pyramid which is very similar to the Healthy Eating Pyramid. They are not low fat, rather they have healthy fats. And when the specific quantities listed are adhered to, they are limited in calories.

1200 Calorie Menu Plan | 1500 Calorie Menu Plan


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