Neurosurgery Current and Past Fellows

Current and Past Image Guided Surgery Fellows

Adomas Bunevicius, M.D., PhD
Image Guided Surgery Fellow
2018 - 2019
Fellowship Dates Fellow Residency Faculty
2011-2012 Daniel Orringer University of Michigan University of Michigan
2012-2013 Emam Saleh University Hospital, Paris  
2013-2014 Parviz Dolati Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran BIDMC
2014-2015 Roy Torcuator St. Luke's Medical Center, Philippines  
2015-2016 Antonio Meola University of Pisa, Italy  
2016-2017 Walid Ibn Essayed BWH/BCH  

Current and Past Pituitary Fellows

Daniel Donoho, M.D.
Pituitary Fellow
2018 - 2019
Fellowship Dates Fellow Residency Faculty
2009-2010 Gabriel Zada USC USC
2010-2011 Zachary Litvack OHSU GWU
2011-2012 Garni Barkhoudarian UCLA John Wayne Cancer Institute
2012-2013 Kenny De Los Reyes Mount Sinai Loma Linda University, CA
2013-2014 Michael Raber BWH/BCH Baylor
2014-2015 Timothy Smith Northwestern BWH
2015-2016 Hasan Zaidi The Barrow Neurological Institute BWH
2016-2017 Mina Safain Tufts Medical Center Tufts Medical Center
2017-2018 David Penn BWH/BCH  

Current and Past Skull Base Fellows

Michael Mooney, M.D.
Skull Base Fellow
2018 - 2019
Fellowship Dates Fellow Residency Faculty
2011-2012 Daryoush Tavanaiepour Medical College of VA University of Florida Jacksonville
2012-2013 Abraham Boskovitz Tufts Medical Center Kaiser Foundation Hospital, Scramento, CA
2013-2014 Urvashi Upadhyay BWH/BCH Umass Memorial Hospital
2014-2015 Kaith Al-Mefty The Barrow Neurological Institute The Barrow Neurological Institute
2015-2016 Rami Al-Mefty The Barrow Neurological Institute Temple
2016-2017 Omar Arnaout Northwestern BWH
2017-2018 Wenya Linda Bi BWH/BCH BWH

Current and Past Spine Fellows

Fellowship Dates Fellow Residency Faculty
2012-2013 Biji Bahuleyan Vellore India  
2013-2014 Yakov (Jake) Gologorsky Mount Sinai Metropolitan Neurosurgery, Englewood NJ
2014-2015 Viren Vasudeva BWH/BCH Private Practice, Georgia
2015-2016 Justin Slavin University of Maryland University of Maryland
2016-2017 Muhammad Abd-El-Barr BWH/BCH Duke

Current and Past Cerebrovascular/ Endovascular Fellows

Rodolfo E. Alcedo Guardia, M.D.
Cerebrovascular/ Endovascular Fellow
2016 - 2018

Other Research and Clinical Fellows

The following fellows completed fellowships in the past. However, these fellowships are not offered at BWH
at this time:

Fellowship Dates Fellow Fellowship Title Subsequent Employment
2005-2006 Cormac Maher CV and Skull Base Faculty: University of MI
2005-2006 Sandeep Mittal Tumor Faculty: Wayne State University
2006-2007 Rose Du CV and Skull Base Faculty: BWH
2006-2007 Andrew Morokoff Tumor Parkville Neurosurgery, Melbourne AU
2007-2008 John Huan Wang CV and Skull Base Faculty: University of IL, Urbana-Champaign
2007-2008 Baki Albayrak Tumor  
2008-2009 Mark Dannenbaum CV and Skull Base Endovascular Fellowship: Emory University
2008-2009 James King Tumor Faculty: Melbourne, AY
2009-2010 Vikram Nayar CV and Skull Base Faculty: Georgetown University Hospital


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